English style library

A room equipped in an English cabinet style is a solid space to interact, share ideas or just have a cosy chat. Natural wood shelves with lots of books, Chester style furniture, settees, rich colours and the main attraction - a fireplace - all create a solid and cosy atmosphere.

A room of 100 square meters is suitable for seminars, conferences, business meetings, or club culture events. Robust, authentic environment here creates a special mood also for private functions: weddings, birthdays and other important occasions.

One of the highlights in the hall is a large round table (for 10 - 14 people) in the centre, especially suitable for gala occasions. Tables for conferences, seminars can be arranged in a variety of schemes: theatre, classroom, meeting, U - shape, banquet, cocktail.

Another cosy accent to this room is a fireplace. Roaring fire, radiating warmth, candlelight, smell and taste of a noble drink creates a good atmosphere for a chamber conversation among circle -minded people. It lingers like a good aura and creates a mood to summarize the expressed ideas or to relax after a busy day. Or, after a delicious lunch or dinner, to sit down and enjoy a sip of drink, a cup of coffee or a smoke of cigar.

In the Library hall we have a humidor and a cigar collection. Our professional and attentive staff will assist in the cigar preparation ritual.

From the library hall you can move to the outdoor terrace with fabulous Trakai Castle panorama. During the warm season, on sunny days, our guests are proposed to have coffee breaks and aperitifs here.

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