Hotel in Trakai

We created our four - star hotel in one of the most beautiful places in our country, in the historic capital city of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, Trakai. Beautiful views of Lake Galvė and the historical grandeur of this place enchants each guest at all times of the year.

The cosy family hotel is just 30 kilometres away from the centre of Vilnius. It is ideal for those looking for retreat from the city's hustle and bustle, for relaxation surrounded by nature and for unique atmosphere. We created our hotel in a French country villa style: walls are upholstered in fabrics decorated with different scenery and ornaments, subtle interior details (handmade chandeliers, console made by local blacksmiths), the floors are covered with natural coconut fibber and decorated with authentic oriental rugs - all of which creates an elegant, cosy and inviting homey atmosphere. All fabrics and materials are authentic, specially commissioned and brought from France. About 40 different patterns of fabrics were used for the hotel decoration. Every room is an eye delight with 6 - 8 different combinations of fabrics, so in each of them we created a distinctive colour mood.

Our guests can choose from 17 different sizes and decorations, tastefully and exquisitely equipped rooms in two parts of the hotel - in Ežeras and Karaite villas.                                                                                                                                                      More about rooms:

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