Junior suite romantic room

Spacious, elegant French (27 square meter) style room with a view of theTrakaiCastle. It is a favourite of newlyweds, couples in love, or simply those eager to feel uplifted. The historical landscape of the Trakai Castle can be seen not only through the panoramic windows of the rooms and a French balcony, but also on the bathroom glass wall, so you can enjoy it while pampering yourself in a bath. Anyone wishing privacy in the bathroom can take advantage of the screen.

The suite as a seating area with a table for tea, armchairs and a sofa - bed, a night table with antique beauty accessories and the antique style bath. Walls and ceilings are covered with ornamented brick, reflecting the French past life images and antique interior details, that will help you to take a short break away from the modern pace of life.

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