Moroccan bath and sauna

This can be a great place for informal, but significant and interesting communication. Let us recall what Roman honourable citizens were doing in the baths...

We offer our guests a steam bath, a sauna and a jacuzzi and the adjacent cosy comfortable area with armchairs and tables to enjoy the pleasures of a bath, or just talk.

Special atmosphere in this space is created by oriental motifs on the walls, authentic Moroccan interior elements - lighting, chandeliers, carpets - decorated surroundings and intimate lighting. Good mood music and relaxing sandalwood incense, oriental treats to pamper your palate, and water pipe smoke to stimulate the spirit of communion. At your request, under the sonorous tambourine rhythms the body and the soul will be awakened by a belly dancer’s performance.

Moroccan oasis is popular among companies: for team building gatherings or even business partner interviews. After an important meeting in any of our complex halls, the sauna area will be perfect for the closing moments. In the Moroccan bath complex we have created a relaxed atmosphere. Some can enjoy the pleasures of sauna and a whirlpool bath, others will snug in armchairs convenient for talking and having soft drinks and snacks.

In the bath complex area, we can arrange a Moroccan theme evening for guests.

We ask you to make reservations for Moroccan rooms before 2 hours. It would be perfect if you notify about your preferred event before 24 hours.


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Moroccan bath and recreation area services and prices

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