The hotel guests are served breakfast in the restaurant or in another cosy and comfortable area of the complex. We kindly ask you to agree about the breakfast time at the hotel reception upon arrival. Upon your request, we can serve breakfast to the room.

Guests can keep their valuables and money in the safes. They are installed in each room.

For your convenience, please, notify the reception staff in advance about your arrival time, so we will reserve parking in the courtyard for your car. Parking fee: 10 EUR per car.

Family friendly
Children, younger than 10 years of age may share the hotel room with parents free of charge. If you would like an additional bed, it will cost you 29 Eur.
For the youngest guests of the hotel we offer to use a play area near BONA Lounge snack bar and in summer - a playground outside. In the autumn - winter season on weekends children can play and create different pieces of work with everyone’s favourite hero Pepe. 

The rooms and the entire complex have free Wi-Fi. If you do not have a laptop, we will be happy to offer the hotel's stationary computer. Ask for it at the hotel reception.

Lost and found
We will keep our guests’ lost belongings at the hotel reception for 3 months.

Additional services

  • Special room preparation to welcome visitors (welcome letter, flowers, sweets, fruit / cheese plate, wine, music, special lighting, etc.).
  • Boat or yacht rental. Upon your request we will serve snacks
  • Restaurant reservation
  • 24/7 drink and snack sale at the hotel reception
  • Taxi services


Event halls

The hotel reception is open 24 hours.

More information and reservation:

Tel. No.: +370 (655) 68012  or  +370 (699) 13769