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Why us?


Happy guests are the daily goal of our team. In order to give joy to people, you must love them and be willing to serve them. This requires dedication, listening to the wishes of customers, goodwill with colleagues, creativity and even humor in dealing with non-standard situations. Also - strong inner passions. That's who we are and it's good for us to work together.


The changing lifestyle and new needs of our customers are our engine for creating, innovating and changing ourselves. We draw inspiration from gastronomy and hospitality conferences, trips, exhibitions and trainings. We hear valuable insights on the latest trends working with foreign chefs and consultants. Growth is an integral part of our culture.


There are really many aspects to our business for which the word exceptional fits. The location and reputation of the Round Table Club complex obliges us and encourages us to continue on this path. Exclusive venue, exclusive guests, exclusive mentors, exclusive meals, exclusive dinners, exclusive weddings, exceptional service and many other exceptional things. It is a mosaic that creates a unique experience in our work.

Create and fail!

There is no good time to stop building, whether it is a time of rise or a crisis. Searching for innovations and their implementation in any area of the company's activities is a part of our daily life. However, it would be hesitant to say that all attempts end successfully. Yes, we also sometimes make mistakes and get stuck. But we take this as an experience, a lesson for the future, and as we stand up, we continue to look for innovation.

Join us

We are constantly looking for people who are open, talented, willing to grow and crazy about hospitality. If you feel you can be part of our team and change, join us.

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